Sandy and Jake ~ Easter 2009

Sandy & Jake ~
Easter 2009

I am, first and foremost, Mom to Jake Ryan — a beautiful, bright, and big-hearted 10-year-old (who was 3 when I decided to start writing and created this site)! There are many stories to tell about him, especially about how he was miraculously and unexpectedly brought into my life! I’m so grateful to be given the gift of fully experiencing motherhood, something I was told was impossible. I’ve been a single Mom to him since the day he was born and we share an incredibly close bond. He has a good relationship with his father, who lives an hour away.

I was born and raised — out in the country — in Lakeland, Florida (located exactly in the middle of the state) … the 8th child out of 9! After leaving my hometown to live in Celebration, Florida for 12 years, I find myself back in the town that Disney developed once again — after going back to reside in Lakeland for 3 years and a brief 10-month stay in South Florida. Celebration is such a wonderful community — Jake and I feel completely at home there, so it was the perfect place to begin another new chapter in our lives.

My childhood was unusual, challenging, and yet happy. There are lots of stories to be written, especially about losing my parents when I was young.

Barely out of my teens, I got married and was graced with a wonderful stepdaughter named Stephanie. We’ve been together since she was 5 years old. I was blessed to continue in my role as her stepmom, even after my divorce from her father when she was 12. After she graduated high school, she moved to Ohio. She has blossomed into a beautiful woman with a generous spirit, a great sense of humor, and a good head on her shoulders. She is happily married and is a wonderful Mother to my stunning and sweet granddaughter, Hailey. Stephanie’s biological Mom, Carolyn, is one of my dearest friends. I thank God for that part of my family every day.

I’m blessed with many close friends that I give thanks for every day.

Professionally, I have been a successful Realtor for over 25 years, which included owning my own company — Sandy’s Signature Homes — for six years. I am now a Broker-Associate with Better Homes and Gardens Fine Living, specializing in residential real estate sales throughout Central Florida.

After attending a life-changing event in the summer of 2009, I decided to finally fulfill my life-long dream of being an author, coach, and speaker — one who touches people’s lives. At that time, I created Gratitude Boot Camp — a self-development coaching program that teaches people how to make gratitude a daily habit and to create a life filled with joy, peace, and prosperity.

In addition to being a contributing author in several books/e-books and ghostwriting the book Works Hard — Plays Harder, I’m the writer for the children’s book, Artsy Ant’s Alphabet Art Adventure. Please visit to order your copy. It was a pleasure to work with Scott Howard, the Creator of Artsy Ant and the very talented Illustrator for this unique book.

I also speak about the power of gratitude and am in the process of writing two books (including a children’s book) about how to use the 12 Gratitude Habits to weather life’s storms, without struggle, and to create an abundant life.

The positive feedback I received after giving a live 12-week Gratitude Boot Camp course was heart-warming. Once, after a speaking engagement, I was approached by a woman who told me I had given her a reason to go on, even though she just lost her son 8 months ago. She realized she could be grateful for the time she had with him. Because of these moments, I know I’m fulfilling my purpose by teaching the power of gratitude. I feel very blessed by that.

You can read more about Gratitude Boot Camp on this site and join our gratitude community at The power of social media is bringing like-minded people together and is providing a great platform to spread positivity. It’s an exciting time to be alive, isn’t it?

Thank you for taking the time to read about me and for checking out my site.  Please come back and visit often.

May all of your dreams come true as you continue on your life’s journey!


“The things that bring you the greatest joy are in alignment with your purpose” ~ Jack Canfield



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  1. Impressive and inspirational, you go girl! Love your story and will do whatever I can to help you – keep in touch and know that you are on the right path – all the best.


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